October 2014

Insurance Guide

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This list of prices for Carol Evans prints on the secondary market has been compiled in consultation with some of our galleries that offer Carol Evans work. Although we don't encourage the buying of art as a financial investment, it does have a value that can be expressed in dollar terms. Market price in the secondary market is highly volatile and so the estimated market price shown is strictly an estimate. These prices are an average of suggested prices, and they are intended to be used for insurance purposes only. Please note that we do not do appraisals, however you may use the estimated market price to get a good idea of how much it is worth.

If, on this list, the Current Market Value exceeds Issue Price, you can assume that the print has been sold out and is available only on the secondary market. If the Current Market Value is the same as Issue Price, it is probably still available online or through galleries at the original list price.  Artists Proofs may be available at a slightly higher cost. The secondary prices that have been established here generally reflect gallery resale prices. (prices are shown in Canadian funds.)